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Within the framework of the 3 Festival of folk craftsmen and artists of Russia “The Firebird”



All-Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion #69          

April 15 – 19, 2008 the city of Moscow



Press – Release


From everlasting, the indigenous people of North, Siberia and Far East lead a traditional way of life and the main means of life necessities and as before remain: hunting, fishery, reindeer breeding, gathering, cattle breeding and marine fishery. Preserving traditional nature use, the peoples proceeded to trucking, animal breeding, fur farming, implementation of new technologies of processing wild-growing herbs  and other kinds of husbandry. The issue of Eco Tourism is becoming more and more relevant. The Exhibition is unique, as it brightly shows the achievements of northern people in culture and in the field of traditional house holding. It is a great opportunity for city people to become aware of social - cultural achievements of northern people and have better understanding of their traditional culture. It really contributes to the formation of deeper and sincere respect to indigenous people.


The main objectives of the exhibition:


          The opportunity for community of the indigenous people of North, Siberia and Far East to exhibit their achievements in the field of socio-economic and cultural development, the unique nature of their production and products.

          To demonstrate the social-economic and cultural achievements

          To attract the attention of international public and government bodies to the experience of business development in the field of original activities of indigenous people

          To introduce to the people of Russia and international public the original culture of indigenous people of North, Siberia and Far East


Subject-matter of the exhibition:


          Painting and carving on wood, bone and stone

          Hand painting, beads ornaments

          Painting, aquarelle and graphic arts

          Fur and leather articles



          Reindeer-herding products processing of products of fishery, hunting


          Eco Tourism

          -Armourer craftsmen;

          Culture and traditions of northern people

          Amateur folk talent groups performances

          Projects. Development programs of northern territories. Development of small business.


The participants of the exhibition-fair: communities of indigenous people of North, national companies and other organizations with different forms of owenership, museums, institutions of education and culture, the workshops of  art craft and handicraft, the creative teams and unions, national cultural centers.


The program of the trade-show includes:


          The show of ornamental artistic compositions

          Trade-show «National artistic crafts»

          Competition of creative works with awarding in different nominations.

          Master classes, seminars, round table conferences

          Amateur folk talent groups performances

          Tasting of national cuisine


Steering committee of the Exhibition is headed by the president of the Russian Association of indigenous peoples of North, Siberia and Far East, Chairman of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area's State Duma, S.N. Kharyuchi. The Steering Committee includes the representatives of The Federation Council of Russian Federation, The State Duma, Ministry of Regional Development of RF, Ministry of culture and mass communications of RF, The Public Chamber of RF, The Moscow City Government.


Facilitators of the Exhibition: The Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East with the participation of   The Assembly of   Peoples of Russia, The Union of Reindeer Herders of Russia,  The International Development Fund for indigenous peoples of North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation “BATANI”


Under the support of: The Committee of The Federation Council in the matter of North and indigenous peoples, The Committee of The State Duma in the matter of North and Far East, The Ministry of Culture and mass communications of Russian Federation, The Ministry of Regional Development, The Moscow City Government.


The organizers of the Exhibition: LLC “Aborigen Expo Tour”, OJSC “SVK VVC”


Please contact us if you need any additional information, on the participation in the trade-show:

Telephone number (ext. 3155)




The Steering Committee of The Trade-Show




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